A Bedtime Routine in a Box

Kitty Night Night System

$ 29.99

Kitty Night Night is a system in a box that offers a fun solution to a common parenting challenge. The system comes complete with a plush toy, storybook, reward chart and stickers. The Kitty Night Night system gets your child ready to sleep in his/her own bed, and to feel confident about staying there throughout the night, leading to a better night’s sleep for the entire family.

Kitty Night Night Reward Pack

$ 6.99

Extend the life of your Kitty Night Night system with the Reward Pack refill. The pack includes 3 reward charts and 2 rolls of stickers.

Did you know?

One of the most common parenting challenges is getting children to sleep in their own bed.

Using Kitty Night Night

Kitty Night Night is a fun packaged solution to help parents train independent sleepers. It helps solve the very common parenting challenge of getting children to sleep in their own bed (and stay there). It is a training program for newly transitioning children or those that may have already formed bad habits. It offers a fun and safe solution to parents who feel frustrated having their children in their bed. Some behavior by parents can be psychologically damaging; such as threats, locking doors, or putting up gates. It is a bedtime routine in a box!

Is this you?

You tuck your children in and say goodnight. You are close to turning in yourself and here they come. Too tired to say no, you lift up the covers and welcome them in your bed. What about waking up startled by a tiny foot in your face realizing it’s your 6-year old. You look over and your 4-year old is using your pregnant wife as a pillow while your feet are asleep from your dog lying on them. This was my family before Kitty Night Night.

“Those who have kids who stay in bed can’t possibly understand how frustrating it is for parents and children to wrestle with this issue in the middle of the night. We started using Kitty Night Night a month ago and everyone is sleeping soundly now.”

Lisa, Mom of six-year-old twin girls | Calabasas, CA

“Living in the city, our space is limited enough. Getting our son to stay in bed and get a good night’s sleep so that he can be fully awake for first grade each morning has been more than a blessing. Kitty Night Night empowered him to have the strength and courage to conquer his fears.”

Melissa, Mom of 6-year-old boy | New York, NY

“As a single mom, I need to make sure my children are getting a good night’s sleep, and that I’m taking care of myself so that we all have a good day as they head to school and I head to work. My younger daughter would not stay in bed past 4:45 each morning. Kitty Night Night got her back on track and able to go back to sleep until a more reasonable hour for both of us.”

Jacqueline, Mom of 2 girls, age 7 and 4 | Chicago, IL

How Does Kitty Night Night Work?

Step 1

Introduce Kitty Night Night to your child and ask them where they would like Kitty to be placed that makes them feel the safest. Remember, it is a protector (see book) not a sleep toy or a lovey. It protects them when you are not with them at night. Let them know not to touch or it will lose its might.

Step 2

Read the Storybook to your child and tuck them in. Remind them if they wake to look for Kitty at his spot where he was placed. He will be there protecting them and go back to sleep.

Step 3

Reward them with a sticker when they wake up in their own bed. Let them participate in their success by placing the sticker on their chart.

Step 4

Repeat nightly. Consider offering a small prize if the child earns a sticker for an entire week – or month!

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